WFA HYBRID Course |  Location TBD

WFA HYBRID Course | Location TBD

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In an effort to allow you to move forward with your wilderness medicine education and certifications, we are offering an independent study approach consisting of online learning modules, podcasts and assigned reading to complete all classroom portions of your certification course. This will represent approximately 50% of your education and certification. 

Following the completion of your independent learning you will be prepared to attend a practical skills training day. Practical skills training days will consist of demonstrations, small group discussions, skill workshops, search and rescue evacuations, and patient assessment scenarios and testing. You will be required to complete and demonstrate mastery in all skills and assessments included in the course certification. Due to the COVID-19 travel and group meeting restrictions, we do not currently have dates available for when the practical skills days will take place. Wilderness Medicine of Utah plans to make courses readily available as soon as restrictions have been lifted. We realize most of our students need this certification in order to work their jobs as professionals in the outdoor industry, and we have all intentions of scheduling classes as soon as we can in the safest manner possible.

After taking this course you will be familiar with some of the most common backcountry problems. You’ll have some limited practice in evaluating, treating, and evacuating injured persons in wilderness settings. You’ll start to get a feel for what situations require medical assistance.

If you have any questions about how this course is run, please feel free to contact us at or by phone at 970.444.4001.

For information on the independent study section of course click here.