About Us

Welcome to WMU - specializing in UTAH Wilderness First Responder Courses!

Wilderness Medicine of Utah was established in 1993 to teach medical principles for a backcountry environment where there is no medical help available. Certain injuries and illnesses are common to backcountry sports and activities. Many of these popular activities include hiking, skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, and whitewater river running. Wilderness Medicine of Utah offers programs to train and prepare you in prevention, management, and evacuation techniques for medical problems in the backcountry. These courses are certification programs to foster continued learning. Since our courses are taught with physician supervision, we train students to use and then provide prescriptions for their first aids kits for medicines that include, Epi-pens, Medrol Dose Packs, pain killers, antibiotics and other important medications. Wilderness Medicine of Utah follows the WFR Guidelines for Instruction as outlined by the University of Utah School of Medicine. All profits from our courses are donated to the University of Utah School of Medicine to be used for research, education and student activities which contribute to the growth and development of wilderness medicine.