Mountain Bike Medicine - A NICA Approved First Aid Course

Mountain Bike Medicine - A NICA Approved First Aid Course

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Covering all of the mandatory medical education concepts laid out by NICA National, Mountain Bike Medicine is the solution to the simplification of your licensing needs. We will guide NICA leaders through the hands-on application of emergency care, providing the highest levels of safety and confidence to our riders. 

This course is broken down into two distinct training components; these being a four-hour, learn at your own pace, online program, and a five-hour in-person session. Our online learning is designed to cover the traditionally lecture-based educational component typically found in First Aid courses, ensuring that everyone arrives to class at an equal baseline, ready to put their skills to work. Our in-person session will be spent near entirely hands-on, applying and reinforcing the concepts of evaluation, treatment, and evacuation.

We look forward to getting to know you and ultimately preparing you with the necessary training to keep our student-athletes safe.

Through your participation in this program, you will walk away with certifications in both the NICA Approved First Aid level training mandatory for all Level 2 & 3 coaches, as well as CPR/Airway Management & AED Administration.